How to Make the Biggest Move Ahead of the Open

Today I want to discuss stocks making the biggest move ahead of the open. There are a number of stocks that have already done this. Looking over the last couple of months there have been some really big name stocks making the biggest moves in terms of volume and share price. Lets take a look at a couple of these and discuss their performances so far. Also I will talk about some stocks that could very well make the biggest move ahead of the open.

First up is Enron. Last year this company was taken down by the government because of the huge amount of money that was being lost in bad debt from its business model. Now this is a company that has already lost a lot of money and looking at its stock price, it’s probably still lost a lot more. It is not likely to rebound much in the near future. There are some great stocks making the biggest move ahead of the open.

Next is Verizon. This is a company that is just starting to make a name for itself in the telecommunications industry. While it is not the most profitable company overall, it does have a lot of high quality shares. That means that when the price goes up, you can always expect a profit. Right now, the price is near all time highs. I would stay long on this stock.

Finally I want to mention Blue Chip, which is short term investing. These types of stocks are excellent value with high probability of a large move ahead of the open. These stocks have already made a few big moves in the past couple of months. In one case they shot up almost thirty percent in one day. If you’re in the market for a stock that is making the biggest move ahead of the open, Blue Chip could be an excellent choice.

To get an idea of where all these stocks are now, just go to Google and do a search for Stocks. Pick out three of the top stocks listed on the first page. Now, there is no guarantee that you’ll actually make money with those three, but it gives you a good place to start. Just remember, you’re looking for a stock that is moving up or down, not holding steady. Once you find a stock like that, then you can make your decision.

Now, once you have found a stock like that, what you need to do is invest some money into it. You need to buy enough of them to create a position in the stock. The bigger the move, the more money you should invest. This will help you to create a position in the stock so that you can profit when it goes up or down. So now you know how stocks making the biggest move ahead of the open can be done!

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