5 Ways to Upgrade Your Commercial Property

It can be easy to take a building and plot of land for granted. However, your business could not exist without a commercial property to house it, safeguard it from the elements, and provide a venue for customers to visit. As such, your building and grounds are equally crucial to the well-being of your business as your business plan, products and services, or marketing endeavors. Don’t overlook your property’s potential. Consider making these five upgrades to your commercial property to create a safe and pleasant experience for visitors, save you money, or grow your business.

Roof Replacement

One of the best things you can do to upgrade your venue is a complete roof replacement. It would not only give life to your property but would enhance the entire curb appeal of the building. It is certainly a great way to add years to a building’s life. You can choose a roofing material depending on the type of changes you want to make as well as the weather condition of the area your property is located in. Different types of commercial roofing last for different amounts of time, but generally speaking, a 20-year-old roof will probably need replacing. If you plan on housing your business at this particular location for the foreseeable future, new roofing that will last another 20 or more years is an investment in your business’s longevity.

In addition, brand new roofing materials will perform better against the elements. You can get in touch with professionals like the ones at Krumm Exteriors ( or the ones in your vicinity and take in their professional opinion on how to proceed further. With a bit of professional advice, you won’t have to worry about water leakages damaging your goods or assets, mold causing health concerns, or drastic seasonal temperature fluctuations due to poor insulation. Instead, you stand to save money on expenses like heating and cooling, especially if you choose to install a solar-paneled roof, and even significantly increase your property value.

Maintain or Expand Your Parking Lot

Is your parking lot full of dangerous potholes and unsightly cracks? Do drivers often get confused about the flow of traffic, or are the lines starting to fade? If so, your property may desperately need some parking lot maintenance to bring your asphalt back to life. Unclear signage or lines, potholes, lack of lighting, and debris in the road can pose serious safety concerns, for which you and your business will be legally liable. Additionally, a smooth and well-laid-out parking lot creates a positive first impression for your customers and any visiting suppliers. You could even invest in a bollard post or several to help mark a clear route for customers to exit the parking lot and help protect the structure of the building, should a car accidentally strike one of them.

If you find that your parking lot is always full, congratulations on bringing in so many customers! It may be a good problem to have, but it is still a problem. Expand your parking premises into any unused space nearby, or chat with your neighbors to come up with solutions such as shared parking areas. You’ll be doing both your customers and your business a favor by providing ample parking, handicap spaces, and bike parking racks.

Energy-Efficient Features

One thing you can do to improve your property without needing heavy construction is to install energy-efficient features. For instance, you can start small by switching out your incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs to LEDs or any other type of bulb with an Energy Star symbol. After this, invest in water-efficient plumbing features, energy-efficient appliances, and modern office equipment to replace all older models. Even installing thermostats, power strips, coffeemakers, and other machines with self-timers can help reduce energy usage during off-hours. For a pricier yet worthwhile investment, consider replacing your old HVAC unit with a newer, more efficient Energy Star-qualified system. All of these small changes will ultimately add up to significant savings on your utility bills and may even qualify your business for green tax incentives.

Clean Up Your Grounds

Despite the adage to never judge a book by its cover, it’s human nature to do exactly that. If your building appears run down, your landscaping is unkempt, or your pathways are blocked with debris, you’re less likely to create a positive first impression for your customers. In their eyes, your property’s exterior reflects your business’ inner nature. To clean up your grounds, hire trusted contractors who can construct or repave safe pathways, remove snow and ice, design and implement a beautiful landscaping plan, power wash your building walls, and remove storm debris and trash. Even minor aesthetic improvements, such as replacing signs, installing modern doors, and cleaning windows, can go a long way toward creating a positive atmosphere. In the end, aesthetic changes will simultaneously boost your property value and prove your trustworthiness to prospective clients.

Invest In Security Measures

Aside from hosting a first-class experience for your visitors, safety should be your business’ number one concern. While filling in potholes, adding exterior lighting, and improving traffic flow are excellent ways to prevent harm from physical accidents, the most severe threats often come from other people. Especially if you are located in a particularly unsafe area, your customers, employees, and collaborators will appreciate every measure you take to invest in the security of your premises. Look into the possibility of installing an alarm system, an attractive gate, or even hiring security personnel to patrol the area.

In Conclusion

While there are countless ways to invest in your commercial property, these five will at least get your gears turning on how an enhanced building or grounds can help your business. Well-maintained premises offer safety to all who come and go and inspire a positive public perception of your business. A property with adequately functioning structural components, such as a roof, HVAC, and energy-efficient appliances, can keep dollars in your pocket to increase your profit margins. Though these upgrades may require a financial commitment at the outset, you will ultimately see them paid off in both tangible and intangible ways.

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