About NPG Online

The website is a humble effort to resolve various financial issues faced by normal people. It aims at troubleshooting problems for people who do not have access to professional financial advisors. This website talks about topics from personal debt hurdles to business-related issues. Thus, irrespective of your job title, the website is fully capable of settling your problems. It does demands exceptional theoretical and practical knowledge. Our readers come from various fields, and their concerns are subjective too. We have to provide them with the best advice possible as they have acute trust in our wisdom.

Talking about the website, The owner is myself Joe! Apart from me, we are a team of experienced professionals. Our group likes to keep things fresh, but for this page, we will be telling things nobody knows. The website is an idea we all had been dreaming about separately. All of us wanted to help people in need who were being fooled by our financial system. Luckily, we met, and the thought floated like a new ship.  We knew that our vision was the same, yet the route to success was not designed. We started meeting regularly and developed a society that would teach needy people for free.

It was community service still we could not provide for many people. Our students were limited to the people we already knew. However, with time, more people started enrolling for the course. In the year gone by, we served around 1,000 people, which was astonishing. We could never think of connecting so many people together. But, we eventually realized that our efforts were nominal compared to the number of people in need of financial guidance. It was then we decided to create a website that would reach millions around the globe. It was clear that the whole world did not run on American values, but the basics were the same everywhere.

When it came to website creation, we had a little contrast of thoughts. We were confused about the segregation of duties. None of us had any experience in website management, which seemed like extra work for some members. We took help from an independent website developer who still works with us. His engagement in the project made sure that we were moving on the right path. We knew that another average finance website wouldn’t make a difference. Thus we used the next three months to develop our ideas and website’s design. The final product was more exciting than satisfying. The task in hand required full commitment and passion.

Slowly, we created different blog posts per the categories divided amongst us.  It was not a hard job, as we are experts in our fields. Meanwhile, our developer kept on adding cool features to the website. It was a wholesome task which resulted in the birth of one of the most respected finance websites on the internet.  Our efforts paid off, and the website progressed fantastically. Due to the already large pool of followers, we were able to market the website easily. It was the easiest part of the management, and we were feeling awesome than ever. However, things were about to go downhill.

We did not know about the exact need of our readers, and they started to overlook the website. Due to the absence of market research, we were not able to publish relatable articles. With time the progress came to a standstill. We were confused and irritated as our efforts were not paying off. It was a hard time as our team started to fall apart. In the desperation to make things right, we realized that our product was alien to the masses. We were publishing excellent stuff, but we had to change its presentation. Thus we changed the way we wrote blogs and things came back to normal.

It was a nice turn of events, which made us realize that constant evolution is necessary for retaining readers.  As of now, we are working on a new series of articles which is based on entrepreneurship and small business management.  It’s time that we thank every person who helped us in our journey. Your efforts will always be appreciated. You can send your suggestions and thoughts for further communication. Keep reading and writing to us.