Manage Small Business Finance the Right Way

Small businesses are prone to become overwhelming for a single entrepreneur. They are not highly rewarding, yet demand excessive hard work and patience. Thus, it is only human to overlook a lot of crucial sectors like finance. However, you must understand that with a greater hold on money matters, you will be able to manage other aspects of the business more smoothly.

Let us focus on the fundamentals so that our finances do not go wasted.


Develop your skill to read and write financial statements. It will tell everything about your money’s journey from start to the end.

Things like cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement and statement of shareholders. With time you will be able to recognize the financial pattern that has been hurting your profits.

Differentiate between personal and business finance

Never commit the mistake of using personal and business finance for the same purpose. Get yourself a business credit card and limit all the expenses to it. Not only it will keep you in control but will also have a detailed history of your expenses. Moreover, you can open a saving account for the business where you can create a corpus for long term goals or for paying taxes.

Minimize costs

Entrepreneurs do not have any other option but to stay strict with their expenses. Small businesses struggle in this phase as they also have to satisfy their loyal base of customers. You will never be able to manage fixed costs, but a lot can be done to marginalize variable costs.

For instance, you can work on cloud-based or open-source software instead of buying from costly brands. Use video conferencing and online calls to save money on travel. One can also use the barter system to receive and provide services while cutting costs.

Leave financial management to software applications

For monitoring and tracking your finances, cloud-based financial reporting software (or non-cloud-based software) could be helpful for your business. With reliable software, you can also automate tasks like invoicing, which could save time and reduce errors. Say that you have recently inaugurated a small medical spa in your neighborhood. While this might be one of the most exciting times of your life being an entrepreneur, it can also become toilsome because of the many operations that you have to keep an eye out for, especially finances. To prevent this, you can make use of a practice management software application that can help in processing payments and automating financial processes.

Seek professional help

Many successful small businesses use professional help from someone like Lincoln Frost to boost their performance. An expert can advise on finances, transportation and other aspects of business even when he is working on a part-time basis. Their valuable guidance will help you dodge a lot of mistakes prone to small businesses.

They will analyze your company’s data and clarify the steps you need to take for a better future. This can be hard to hear, especially if they suggest something drastic, such as ceasing trading for a year or so (in which case, you may need to find out things like how to file dormant company accounts to ensure you remain compliant so that, when you come back, you won’t immediately be worrying about money). If you are going to seek help, make sure that you trust whoever it is you hire, as they may ask about things you are not comfortable talking about.

In any way, an expert’s help is a benefit which cannot be overlooked.


Small businesses are a lot harder to manage than ever. Due to the increased competition, they are bound to either grow or get dusted. We advise that you use all the above-mentioned tips to achieve a better position as an entrepreneur. We hope that you have a better finances.

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