How to create the best working from home space

We’ve all spent plenty of time at home these past 18 months so it’s safe to say the world has changed quite a bit and your working space may well have done too. Creating the best working from home space can be essential to managing your new working situation effectively and ensuring your days are as productive as possible. Whether you run your own online business or your company has recently moved to a more digital environment, getting used to the new normal will benefit how you work and the time when you’re also not working.

Separate the space

One of the key tips for working from home is to ensure your working area is separate from the rest of the house. Sitting in the kitchen may make it difficult to separate work life from home life and have you nipping to the fridge every 5 minutes. Moving your work space to the living room may seem like it makes working a bit more relaxing but you may find yourself not being able to switch off after work or motivate yourself during the day to do work. Ensuring you have a separate space in the house to work is essential for helping you to tap into that work mode that helps with productivity. And whether you live in a shared ownership home in Erith or an apartment bought through shared ownership in West London, finding a little bit of space in your home won’t be impossible but will certainly make a difference.

Ensure the light is right

One of the key parts of our environment that affects our brain the most is the light. Light will wake us up or tell us to wind down and being able to manipulate that will also help you feel motivated and ready to work or relaxed and at ease with the family. Ensure your working space has enough natural light as artificial can often be too harsh or make us feel sluggish. If you’re lucky enough to live in a shared ownership home in Kent you could choose a room with a nice view to help you feel a little more connected to nature during the day.

Decorate with plants

Another great way to improve your working space is to decorate it with green accessories. Leafy plants are proven to improve our mental health and mindset as well as the air quality of the room. So whether it’s a cute cactus that you can spray every few hours in between zoom meetings or some flowing ivy down the back wall, green plants are a great way to decorate and will bring you a sense of freshness and exuberance.

Limit distractions

It may seem obvious but limiting distractions in your work space whether it’s a shared ownership home in Acton or an apartment in Essex, will benefit the way you work and just how productive you feel throughout the day. It isn’t always easy especially if the kids are off school or you have other members of the household working from home, but little things like taking the TV out of the room or moving to a quieter area away from the sound of the road may help. The key thing to remember is to do things that you know help you work well. Maybe pictures of family help keep the stress off the day or drinking plenty of water helps keep a clear mind, but whatever it is make your workspace your own and embrace it. You do not want to be in a space that causes you anxiety and other issues that you have to deal with. If the stress is getting to you along with the distractions, then you may want to look at ways that you can calmly deal with the situation, this could be through using the Best CBD gummies or by speaking it out with a therapist on zoom, so you can pick up some tips to support you.

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