When Is It Time To Hire a New Executive Assistant?

A good helper is critical to increasing the productivity of a busy executive who delivers a consistent ROI when deployed correctly. Administrators often need to think for themselves, find solutions quickly, and stay professional no matter what. The most effective leaders think deeply about the parts of their workload that can be taken over — or restructured to take over — by the assistant. A good helper quickly learns what a leader needs, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what can cause anger or stress, and how best to match their personal style.

They may not be the same, and coming to a common understanding of how the helper can help is the key to knowing the type of helper hired. When it comes time to hire an executive assistant, it’s important to select a candidate who not only has the right skills, but also has a great personality. As an entrepreneur, you are hiring an executive assistant who must have the appropriate qualifications, work experience and a high level of competence.

Due to the amount of time spent between the management team and the executive assistant, it is extremely important that the potential hiring is more than just a skill adaptation. Making sure their personalities match the culture of the company and the personalities of the leaders is key when hiring the right candidate. They pay close attention to changes in leader behaviour and temperament and understand that timing and judgment are the foundation of good working relationships.

If the manager is a new employee, an experienced assistant will be especially helpful. After years of layoffs, companies can increase productivity by providing such help to more managers, and executives who are lucky enough to have skilled assistants can benefit by finding ways to delegate higher-level work to them.

Senior executives who are constantly overwhelmed may consider hiring full-time executive assistants as they can train lower-level employees, perform office duties, and manage communications. Companies can also hire a freelance executive assistant to train their new full-time employee in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Choosing Between a Permanent Executive Assistant and a Freelance Executive Assistant

The practical executive assistant hiring process inevitably comes down to the consideration of a freelance/temp appointment or a more permanent one. A freelance executive assistant can be helpful if company leaders are faced with a temporary and unprecedented increase in workload and need additional help to catch up.

It’s also advantageous to hire a freelancer when looking for a full-time employee or decide if the cost of a full-time executive assistant is worth it. A person who loves to manage people and is good at it may spend less money on wages but more time training and updating a new assistant.

But before you hire someone, make sure you are really ready or you could be wasting your time and money. You are hiring a personal assistant because you are overwhelmed with everything you already have, so the first thing you can do is pick a candidate and ask them to start work as soon as you complete the reference check. But if the business is booming and important contacts are slipping through the cracks, or the trade meeting you’ve been thinking about doesn’t seem to have taken place, it’s time to consider hiring an executive assistant.

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