Best Crypto Exchange Investment Platforms

Crypto exchange investment platforms allow individuals and businesses the opportunity to exchange their traditional currencies into digital assets that may be stored, sold, and purchased to generate additional income or increasing value to existing digital assets. Depending on the platform used, the crypto investment platform may provide end-users with the necessary tools and features to manage their crypto wallets, budget their investments, and transfer the funds securely and efficiently. 

While there are many Blockchain and Alt-coin investment apps on the market, businesses may provide their target audiences with a crypto exchange investment platform best suited for their needs. To learn more about blockchain development and the technologies best suited for your business, enterprises may reach out to a local Los Angeles blockchain development company, like

Exchange-Traded Products (ETP)

Investors may consider investing into particular categories such as Exchange Traded Products (ETP). For instance, Exchange Traded Products, such as the Trust ETF or State Street SPDR, are recognized as the most common form of ETP’s which include portfolios around larger asset types like Bitcoin or other major crypto currencies. As an investor or business seeking to integrate crypto transactions into current online systems and networks, there are numerous resources, such as What You Need to Know Before Buying Crypto, that may prove useful for staying better informed and ensuring positive business productivity.

To list a few markets where Exchange Traded Products may be reviewed and enable user bidding, there is the OTCQX, Nasdaq Nordic, Swiss Six Exchange, and more. Blockchain Investors may reach out to various brokers for earning capital on these foreign exchanges, which include TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Fidelity and more. It is important to consider that different providers state various product offerings. 

Best Crypto Exchange Investment Platforms


Bitrue is a crypto exchange that offers beginner friendly features such as guides, easy-to-navigate user interface, and interactive charting displays with one-touch applications. From within the interface, there are quick deposit and withdrawal functions, credit card management, and numerous reward options. The reward options may include adjustment rates on interest earned from investments, Annual Percentage Rates (APR), and reward spending points. 

Additionally, users may continue to scroll through Bitrue’s dashboard to locate the realized and unrealized gains, profit and loss reports, and market and asset analysis. The platform is accessible via iOS or Android mobile app, offers support, and offers full functionality of buying, investing, and storing digital assets. 


With Binance, investors may finance their digital assets while gaining access to trading options for 300+ crypto currencies. Similar to alternative crypto exchanges, the platform offers compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, has built-in security programs for securing user accounts, and offers numerous incentives and rewards for purchasing assets with Binance. These rewards may include various sign up bonuses, friend referral rewards, added interest accumulation, and adjusted annual percentage rates. 

The one-touch app features make it quick and easy to view fluctuations in chart trends, review profit and loss reports, and enable notifications and alerts for specific crypto securities. Additionally, there are “Lite” and “Pro” versions within the app, which offer investors the ability to diversify their trading options with foreign exchanges, futures, and more. Lastly, transferring and managing funds from your Binance wallet is user-friendly, which saves time when investing with others. 


As a popular trading platform in the market, Coinbase offers investors the opportunity to provide capital for various digital and crypto currencies from one location. Although there is a pro version of the platform, Coinbase Pro, typical and individual investors may find that the transaction frequency and volume of trading is suitable for the average investor. 

From within the Coinbase platform, either website or iOS and Android mobile, investors may budget their wallets and crypto assets to optimize their portfolios. In more detail, the Coinbase dashboard consists of a user-friendly interface, one-touch functions for viewing different accounts, investment, trading, and rewards tabs, and finance automation programs for keeping accounts secure and productive. 


With an abundance of coin investment options, limited fees, and advanced features and technologies, crypto investors may allocate their investment funds on KuCoin to generate additional crypto assets. KuCoin has great support channels for assisting new and experienced investors and offers opportunities for users to earn more interest on their crypto contributions. KuCoin users may link their credit and account information from within the website or mobile app for easier fund transfers. 

In regards to advanced features, KuCoin members may opt-into margin trading of crypto assets, utilize trading bots for bidding and trading automation, and review reward benefits upon each investment. As a downside, KuCoin is not yet available for United States investors, however members with access may use their KCS coins to receive additional trading rewards and incentives. 


Uphold is another reliable and easy-to-operate crypto exchange platform that allows investors to buy, sell, and store numerous crypto and digital assets from one location. Firstly, Uphold features 2 Factor authentication and secure wallet technologies to ensure investor purchases and activity and is tracked and easy to manage. Also, the crypto exchange platform offers users the ability to disperse friends to others with one-tap functions for joint investing and transfers. Additionally, Uphold offers educational resources and support to assist investors with their purchasing decisions. 


With the large variety of crypto exchange providers available within the public market, the decision to buy and sell crypto continues to become increasingly available to more users. Either through website or mobile application platforms, any individual investor may place their stakes within the crypto and blockchain markets to earn and store crypto assets. Lastly, due to the similarities with traditional financial markets and exchange products, users of blockchain and crypto exchanges may enable additional security protocols within the platforms to ensure that assets continue to generate additional revenue or value. 


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