Peterbilt vs Kenworth: Which is Better?

There are many brands in the market carrying semi-trucks.  But there are a few who really stand-out to become sort of a “household name” in this industry, not just because of their aggressive marketing, but also due to their reliability that stood the test of time.

Two of the most popular brands in the market that have always scratched the heads of semi-truck buyers are Peterbilt and Kenworth.  These two giants have made a name for themselves and people seem to have a very hard time choosing between the brands when purchasing their semi-truck of choice.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the brands so we can assess which one fits your needs perfectly.


Peterbilt Motors Company is an American truck manufacturer who built its first truck in 1939, in Oakland, California.  Since then, the company has been specializing in medium to heavy-duty commercial vehicles. 

Over the past 80 years, Peterbilt has created different models of semi-trucks, with each having built with the industry’s most rugged, yet reliable truck designs.  Their iconic red logo is a symbol of efficiency, performance and safety for the American people.

Their semi-trucks are custom made to have an ergonomic and generously sized cab and sleeper to provide the best comfort.  And since it’s customizable, buyers may opt for additional specs on top of the usual design to maximize the potential of the truck.  It has been reputed to last long-haul drives with its heavy-duty components.  They have all sorts of truck designs to suit your business needs.


Kenworth Trucks, Inc. is also an American-based truck manufacturer, founded in 1923 as the successor to Gerlinger Motors in Seattle, Washington.  The company also specializes in medium to heavy-duty commercial vehicles.  Kenworth was the first company to produce a diesel-fuel engine, a raised-roof sleeper cab, and an aerodynamically optimized truck body design.

Kenworth boasts of world-class designs that exudes presence, power, and personal style. Their semi-trucks possess the strength, efficiency, and versatility to overcome even the toughest drive.  The cabs also possess ergonomic designs to ensure maximum productivity and comfort.  

So, which is the better pick?

Well, one must know that both are wholly owned subsidiaries of PACCAR. Though they are the fiercest rivals in the market, they actually belong to the same family.  So when it comes to reliability and trustworthiness, we can bank on both brands.

Affordability and Resale Value

However, when you want to choose a more affordable one, the best choice would be Kenworth, as it has cheaper options compared to Peterbilt. Yet, when you are considering resale value, Peterbilt wins this round.  Peterbilt semi for sale, even second-hand ones, has likely to possess higher value than Kenworth because of the quality brand name. 


As for the truck performance, both use PACCAR powertrain, which is the one of the strongest, most powerful in the world of trucks.  Both are known to have more fuel-efficient trucks compared to other brands.

Spacious Cab

When it comes to interiors, Peterbilt has the edge, with its neat set-up and customization options.  Its sleeper cabs are roomy and comfortable enough for cross-country trips. It’s a home away from home. Kenworth, though, does not fall too short on this category.  Their cabs have excellent interior and are also comfortable, but not as roomy as Peterbilt, which can be pretty troublesome for a very long-haul drive.  

Before picking on the right semi-truck for you, consider the comparisons made, since they are both made in their highest quality.  It’s a battle of practicality, short-term versus long-term.  

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