Top cities in Crete Island to spend a week

Since it is indeed a very beautiful island, but an island nonetheless, many of the guides you come across about how you can do Crete in a couple to a few days are definitely worth the time to consider. However, because of all which the largest of the Greek Islands has to offer, a whole week would make for a better time period to really get to get the full measure of the popular destination. I mean something like rain could otherwise spoil all which you would have otherwise had planned for a day.

You might also be the kind of traveller who would want to really kick-back and enjoy your time away to this exotic destination, in which case a week won’t have you regretting spending an entire day lounging at the beach, for instance.

That said, there are some must-visit cities on the island to explore, which, if you haven’t really visited them, you might have a hard time having a legitimate claim to having had the quintessential Crete Island experience.

The Capital of Create – Heraklion

Yes, so we did indeed kick things off with what is probably the oldest cliché in the travellers’ collective book of days, but Heraklion isn’t a typical capital city. After all, it’s the capital city of an island region, which you’ll likely enter through in any case. This is where your sightseeing will swiftly kick into gear, probably having you head inland in the direction of the Minoan palace site of Knossos. You might want to save a visit to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum for last, just because…

Agios Nikolaos

Enjoying the freedom that comes with a rented car, the Crete’s easternmost city of Agios Nokolaos is definitely one which should be included in your one-week stay on the island. You’ll definitely need to rent a car, with some great options available from Rental Center Crete. Since you’re mobile in this way, there’s no need to worry about the order of the cities you choose to visit, but Agios Nikolaos is where you might want to go for a really good time. There are plenty of nightclubs and restaurants to enjoy, with the locals sure to be happy to show you how they do it in this part of the world.

The City of the West – Chania

Bask in some unique history as you hit Chania, The City of the West, which has plenty of life as a result of it being home to a busy airport as well. Having been the important port it still is throughout history, naturally there’ll be plenty to see and do in the area. You might bump into quite a few American tourists as well…


For all of the charm which comes with a historic district, a visit to Rethymno must be included in your week-long stay. You’ll be glad you stopped over at this city, located between Heraklion and Chania, well, because it’s not quite as popular as the rest, which means cheaper restaurants, hotels and even souvenirs.

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